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AT Last- warm weather!

At Last- we are putting our precious plants in the ground.  Never mind that we had a tornado touch down about 17 miles north of us today.  That was this afternoon; by early evening it was sunny. So we put in the squashes, cucumbers and melons.  Tomorrow will be the tomatoes and peppers.  I know I haven't prepared enough space for all those tomato plants that are now too big for the grow box!  They are beautiful--can't wait-- yum yum!

Another Frost!!

We are getting ready for yet another frost here on the farm!!  It is sheets on the trees that are small enough and cardboard on the raised beds. Sure will be glad when it gets warm.  Does any one else have this problem? Because I didn't watch the weather last Friday night I lost all the early squashes- so sad.  So there are more in the cold frame now- not up yet.  Keep warm tonight!
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