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Where has the year gone...

Part of the year was spent helping mom recover from cancer.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer, scheduled for surgery to have part of her lung removed, had a heart attack, recovered, surgery rescheduled, had a successful surgery followed by radiation treatments.  She is 82 and fought her way through all of it.  Thank you, God, for a successful outcome and a little more time with her. 

So what went on here at Yankee Doodle Farms.  I added 5 cows to our farm, 4 belted galloways and 1 angus.  Had a couple of missteps along the way due to weak fences and determined cows but learned our lesson and still learning more everyday.  They are thriving and seem content.  It is November and Steve and I are rushing to expand their loafing area to include more grassy area. 

Learned that the cows and horses cannot share quarters because the horses are gluttons chase the cows from their food. 

Since 2 of the belted galloways will have calves during the winter, I set aside part of the shed for a calving area and bought alot of straw so I can keep clean bedding for the cow and calf. 

We also have to invest in a headgate and squeeze chute so we can take care of the shots and other treatments when necessary.  This will be a new experience but we'll call the vet to help us through the first time. 

I have 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats now, so we've learned to milk goats and handle the milk after.  Two are pregnant and due in January and March and the kids have a pretty good pedigree.  I am really looking forward to the kids and showing them this next year. 

In addition to the livestock, I'm studying edible landscaping and looking forward to making our yard beautiful and edible.  



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