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Spring, where are you?

As I sit, writing this blog, it is snowing. " Spring, where are you?"  It is amazing how much weather plays a role in our daily life.  Each day brings a new surprise.  My favorite saying is "It is what it is".  We have no control over weather and the weather seems to remind us of that fact.

We just added another Llama to our growing family.  Animals really do become a big part of our lives.  They keep you busy.  The Llama that just came to the farm is pregnant and should deliver a new bundle of joy in June.  The family keeps growing.

Early this week another addition was added as well.  It is our first time working with Bees.  It is exciting to add the Honey Bees to the farm as well.  Last year we started an apple orchard and adding the bees should give us a great harvest.  Go Bees!!!

Off to feed the baby chicks. They sure eat alot.




Comedy at Goosepoop Farm

It is a wonderful feeling to see the lighter sides to life.  As I walk out the front door each morning, it is time to do the daily chores.  Each day usually is the same routine.  Feed the Horse, Alpacas and Geese first.  Next, the boys around the corner.  The "boys" are the 2 male Alpacas in the shed next door to the "girls" ( 5 Alpacas and Ruthy the Llama).  After the boys comes the rabbits and so on.  Chickens are last.  They seem to be the worst dinner guests, always eating everyones food.

When we fill the buckets each morning with chicken feed, Annabelle the goat is right there to eat as much as she can.  Here is where the comedy starts.  Our little Chinese Crested Powderpuff (she has hair and lots of it) desides to not let Annabelle eat.  Anabelle is a 60lb goat that fears the sight of the little 15lb dog.  This is where the chase begins.  Anabelle is running fast, but little Madi (the dog) is right on her heels.  The chase is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  The goat can't get to the barn fast enough.  Madi is never mean, just the guardian of the feed.

Another sight that often makes me laugh is in the evening time.  This is the time the juvenile Alpacas decide it is play time.  They chase each other round and round.  It usually lasts for at least a half hour.  I just sit back and think to myself "what a wonderful place this is".  Everyone is happy and things couldn't be better.  Chores are hard, but seeing the animals being able to play brings a tear of joy and laughter to my soul.  Laughter truly is the thing that keeps us going.


Pallets for rabbits

Last year it was time  to begin raising rabbits.  As a newer farmer everything is new.  My background has little to do with construction.  On my quest for rabbits, I had to make a new home for our friends.  Money as we all know is tight.  I priced out commercially made hutches and soon realized it would cost a fortune.  Someway, I had to make it on the cheap.  One morning, as I sat thinking about what to do for rabbits hutches a lightbulb moment came.  I thought to myself "what is sturdy and cheap?"

Early that week the Hoophouse arrived and was on large pallets.  As I looked at the pallets the idea to use the pallet as the foundation was the right choice.  They are free and sturdy.  Off to the barn I went, armed with a stapler, radio turned up  and began the construction.  Old chicken wire became the walls.  Old doors from the salvage yard worked great as the roof.  It took me only one day to complete two large rabbit hutches made from the found material.  It brought a big smile to my face when it was all done.  It was an accomplishment.  In all, the price to construct the hutch was a little over 5 dollars.  The hutch has more space than the commercially built.  The staples cost the most.  Here is a little piece of advice....Make sure you have enough staples when constructing.  Half way through the project, I ran out.

So, if you want to raise rabbits try making their home out of pallets, chicken wire and an old door.  A key way to save money and recycle, recycle, recycle.  Another helpful hint is to put the door on hinges so you can access the hutch from the top.  See, a new home for your rabbits and another way to save the Earth and your pocket book.......Anyone can....I did......


Upcoming projects

The weather has finally warmed up.  This spring at Goosepoop Farm is going to be busy.  We are going to be putting up a High Tunnel.  This should help extend our growing season for those of us in the Upper Midwest.  Spring is such a wonderful time because it really does signal a new beginning.  Our goal is to provide fresh local produce hopefully all year round.  I will be writting and telling stories.  This farm journey is new to me.  My background is a city person turned country.  The journey hasn't been easy, but  it is the best thing I have ever done.


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