Two Rooster Ranch in Marble Falls, TX

  (Marble Falls, Texas)
We got eggs and more eggs...hens are a laying!
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alittle egg 101

Should you wash your fresh eggs?  Eggs shells, which contain microscopic pores, have a natural protective layer that is wiped away when washed which then decreases their storage time. Fresh eggs keep at least six weeks in the fridge if not washed!  Good tip to know when handling your golden eggs~

Spring has Sprung and the chickens are laying

They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away...but have you tried the same theory with a fresh farm egg a day?  Our hens are happy and well cared for and eat mostly off the land.  We have a wide variety of brown and cream colored eggs ready to go and will deliver.  Come April or May our Ameraucana hens will start laying and they lay blue and green tinted eggs! 


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