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Back in the saddle again!

Dear readers,

After a long and difficult road, I have rearranged this farm operation to exclusive online ordering. Due to causes in conflick with the farm. I was forced to do so by an unspeakable sorce to take down the stand leaving me no choice but to reinvent our services here.

With that I like to annouce our new inspired operation on producing cosmectics as well as honey and maple syrups. The farm is selling cosmetics exclusivley on etsy.com and on local harvest as well for the produce and basket arrangenments. I'm staritng up a winter garden with plenty of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs. I'm also adding a root cellar to the farm for natural storage. In additon, the next few days the extraction process will begin for honey production and bottling!

I have taken the time to utilze this fallow period to educate myself for different production practices and hope to have a positive feed back on it. This years 2012 NOFA Confrence has inspired me to continue my dreams in farming and sustainablity.  As the farm grows the new invention, I hope to have a following to grow with. Thank you to all who supported my opertion with words of wisdom and guideness.



farm pets

 Last week I lost a great friend here on the farm. I will never have a another one like her. She as one of a kind. Her name was Ashley, she was a 7 months old and the sweetest chick know to me.

Ashley was all white with a few black smugdes on her like ashes from from a wood stove. She was a great hen and wonderful producer. Best friend to my black lab and my I: she followed us everywhere. Every morning she always greeted us at the window of her house and waited patiently for me settle up with the other girls. She greeted all our visitors and always let everyone pick her up. She was a delight. I saved her last egg and I plan on blowing out the inside and decorating it with her name on it.

My husband was great and took care of her body for me. He placed her in a box ontop of our outdoor fire pit and cremated her. She is truely an Ash-ley now and I plan on placing her in her favorit garden this summer. 

This is dedicated to all animal lovers. My we all reflect on our love &  care  for our pets no matter what Kind.  


Outdoor christmas store

Sweet Pumpkins Christmas Store!!!

Now presenting our new outdoor store with beautiful affordable balsams firs, frasers firs, as well as balsam wreaths for your front door.

Our lastest items are hand painted ornaments & hand crafted soy candles made right on the farm. With wonderful scents of christmas tree, pumpkin pie, holiday cinnamon, apple cinnamon, cranberry vanilla, holly berry, and mistle toe. We are offering gift baskets as well as gift certificates toward any product or CSA membership for 2012. Please stop by and support your local crafter / farmers.  

28 George Howard Road Hubbard Ma, 01452

Saturdays & Sundays 10am-5pm

(While supplies last!)



Autumnal Open House

Autumnal Open House

  • Donna McGrath
  • 978-820-1060
  • Sunday, October 16 at 12:00 PM to Sunday, October 16 at 11:00 PM
  • Sweet Pumpkins Farm Stand
    28 George Howard Road
    Hubbardston, MA 01452

Message From Host


Come enjoy the post harvest season with family and friends on the farm!  

 2pm: Three legged race
4pm:  Burlap sack race
 6pm: Pumpkin raffle  

Winners for the races will recieve a $25 gift certificate towards a fall csa share for 2012!
The raffle winner will win the largest jack-o-lantern on the farm!

Get involved:
Bring your favorite fall dish to share with everyone from your own garden or your local farmers market.

Indulge on local farm refreshments and treats through out the day. Sit around a warming fire pit, talk with new faces and femilar friends " 
B.Y.O.B.  if you  like...
We hope you stop by!!!

Autum Bliss

Today I noticed the amount of leaves that were flying off the trees as I harvested for Worcester pick ups share holders. The stillness of the land and the breeze on my face was a greeting and a smile from Autumn. The day was beatiful and the air was sweet. The time for prepareing for the winter is amung us. Those who live in the counrty or any nearby seasonal lands can agree with me when I say I love the seasons changing. The cornstalks are drying out the haying is done, the harvest is almost ending. The day was so nice that I treated myself to 1/2 peck of apples. I really wish we had a small orchard here on the farm. But we rent and don't own a farm yet.  hopefully that will be for a future purchase someday.

 Happy fall to all!!!!!



Yesterday was a sad day here on the farm. The owners of the horses here had sold them off to a stable in Orange, MA. I was stocking up the farm stand when the trailer came for the boys. My two horse friends were picked up and are now gone. The farm feels empty now. But, I under sometimes as an owner of a pet, there are certain responsibilties that have to be meet in order to maintain these beautiful creatures. I wish I could have been the one to buy them instead, .........only I just couldnt affored them.  They just didn't have the time to ride them or train them. Now the boys will be riden and worked. Unfortunalty they had to be separted. Hopefully as yong as they are they can get used to their new life.  

I'll surely miss Ace and Razz, as well as the folks who owened them and there doggie Jake who's best friends with our black lab Kenji.

My heart goes out ot all who understands the lose of an animal they love.



Farm-Ascetics Baskets

Now introducing a line of beauty products made on the farm.

This line is for individulas who enjoy all natural and organic skin care systems. Every product is made with a seasnal produce product that was grown on our farm from veggies to friut, flowers and herbs. As well as all 100% recycled bottlles, an eco friendly puff ball, & eco friendly labels. All basket are made to order. look up these specialty item on our online store.


Publicity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...all the fuss today and for the next week is all about Worcester Magazines front page article "Dirt to Dinner ". It  published this week Thursday the 14th of July 2011. Page 11; Sweet Pumkins Farm Stand has a full page picture of me to start the story. We a have a small blurb on page 13 annoucing our upcoming conversion for going ORGAINC! So if your a fan or our current CSA member, you should should all check the article and celebrate our small business success.   

Mean while, we are anounicing our PYO raspberries for the season. All the berry baskets are at the stand and the honor system works for these as well. Just grab a basket pick and leave the cash at the stand. Find the price list for the basket and enjoy. See you all this week end!

FYI: All CSA members have the perk of coming at will for no exrta charge.


Peace and quit

For the last 2 months all our projects have been worked on and finished. The lose ends have been tied and the time for a little R&R is in need. Over the holiday weekend we will be closing the farm and reopening the following day for all our CSA pick ups. The need for a break is important for a better work ethic. We love the farm and the reward it gives back to me, my family and ofcorse our customers. So we dicied to close and reopen for the next bussiness day. I hope everyone will enjoy the this forth of July hoilday and remember to stay healthy and safe. The great harvest will be among us very soon and I hope to see it all flourish.

So happy forth to all! We will see you all on Tuesday the 5th of July for you next pick ups.    



Well last week we got all summer crop transplants in. The weather was good and thank god for big sister. She really rolled up her sleeves and got to work when no one else answered to my call for help. Seems like I'm going to have to breed all my helpers. Oh well what's is family for.

On a different subject all baby chix have grown 1/3rd of there size and now will shortly be in there hen house. I hope i get a rooster to word off my evil cat from them. So again Craigs list to the resque.

Now we have a healthy harvest to wait for!


Getting Going

Well the times are a bit hard for a beginng farmer these days. I have yet to till my soil and some of  the summer crops are still waiting to go in the ground. I despartaly need tilling services. Thanks to "Craigs List" I should have everything done today. The rider is gone. My landlady took it, so now its time to buy some equipment for the farm. Again thank you "Craigs List" what would I do without you. 

The good news is the baby chix are home & they're happy and healthy! The Spring crops are just about ready to be harvested, and the sun is out. Haying has stared and the our coytote neighbor is prawling around . Yepp its summer alright.

 I'll take it all! Here we go.



Gift Baskets ........

Well I guess the basket thing has been resolved. Somethings just weren't  meant to be. Like sending fresh produce all the way to Georgia, from Masschusetts. Well at least people around here can benefit from this mistake. I'm just happy this family feels better about the incident. Anyway it did look pretty awsome when it was sent out.

Better luck next time .......



All this rain,...rain, rain

well I know it's good for the soil, but I need to mow my enormus lawn. I still don't have my rider fixed, and grass kepps getting longer. This won't be fun with just a push mower. I'm not lokking foward to it. 

In light of things, today I'll be staking all my street signs for the farm. People will need them to see them from the interescting roads in town. Hopefully they're be bright enough and everyone will notice. I have one at the end of Goerge Howard (our road), another at  Old Princeton road and two more at ( Rt 62 & Rt 68) here we go!!!



Well I must say everthing in life has a lesson to be learned. I just recieved my first angry telephone call.  The basket i sent to my customer in Georgia didn't make it there with good produce. Everthing spoiled on her and now they want to be refunded. Of coarse the purchase wil be refunded but now I have to find out why the products spoiled. The USPS charged me an arm and a leg for the shipping. I did everything in my power to make sure that the items where the freshest from the morning harvest including the flowers, I kept it cold until I shipped it and told them they'er were perishables in the box.

 Now my lesson learnred, was change the shipping to local deliveries only. But even then, will the USPS garantee a priorty shipping with perishables anyware in the state of Massachusetts? I don't so. So in the long run how does one offer a service that is unique and different without personally dilvering every produce basket to make this happen!

Extremly disappointed..........  


Farm project 2011

It's a beautiful day on the farm today, the horses are content & the dog is  going crazy over the great wheather.  I'm still  working on the new localtions for the summer & fall produce. The time is now to get everything in the ground & no transplants yet.  But the good news is the strawberries are in , and the radishes are up. The grow tunnels are excellent! I love them. Now if I can just fix my rider, I can concer all.

See you tommorw.



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