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Getting Going

Well the times are a bit hard for a beginng farmer these days. I have yet to till my soil and some of  the summer crops are still waiting to go in the ground. I despartaly need tilling services. Thanks to "Craigs List" I should have everything done today. The rider is gone. My landlady took it, so now its time to buy some equipment for the farm. Again thank you "Craigs List" what would I do without you. 

The good news is the baby chix are home & they're happy and healthy! The Spring crops are just about ready to be harvested, and the sun is out. Haying has stared and the our coytote neighbor is prawling around . Yepp its summer alright.

 I'll take it all! Here we go.



Gift Baskets ........

Well I guess the basket thing has been resolved. Somethings just weren't  meant to be. Like sending fresh produce all the way to Georgia, from Masschusetts. Well at least people around here can benefit from this mistake. I'm just happy this family feels better about the incident. Anyway it did look pretty awsome when it was sent out.

Better luck next time .......



All this rain,...rain, rain

well I know it's good for the soil, but I need to mow my enormus lawn. I still don't have my rider fixed, and grass kepps getting longer. This won't be fun with just a push mower. I'm not lokking foward to it. 

In light of things, today I'll be staking all my street signs for the farm. People will need them to see them from the interescting roads in town. Hopefully they're be bright enough and everyone will notice. I have one at the end of Goerge Howard (our road), another at  Old Princeton road and two more at ( Rt 62 & Rt 68) here we go!!!



Well I must say everthing in life has a lesson to be learned. I just recieved my first angry telephone call.  The basket i sent to my customer in Georgia didn't make it there with good produce. Everthing spoiled on her and now they want to be refunded. Of coarse the purchase wil be refunded but now I have to find out why the products spoiled. The USPS charged me an arm and a leg for the shipping. I did everything in my power to make sure that the items where the freshest from the morning harvest including the flowers, I kept it cold until I shipped it and told them they'er were perishables in the box.

 Now my lesson learnred, was change the shipping to local deliveries only. But even then, will the USPS garantee a priorty shipping with perishables anyware in the state of Massachusetts? I don't so. So in the long run how does one offer a service that is unique and different without personally dilvering every produce basket to make this happen!

Extremly disappointed..........  


Farm project 2011

It's a beautiful day on the farm today, the horses are content & the dog is  going crazy over the great wheather.  I'm still  working on the new localtions for the summer & fall produce. The time is now to get everything in the ground & no transplants yet.  But the good news is the strawberries are in , and the radishes are up. The grow tunnels are excellent! I love them. Now if I can just fix my rider, I can concer all.

See you tommorw.




Farm Project 2011

May 9th 2011,

 The 5th  month on the farm project. Today the farm fields were extended by a tracktor plow. Thank goodness for friends in the business. I 'm  a few hundred dollars richer than i would have been if i had'nt known the right people. the rest is history after this. The real work in on!

The farm is just around the corner of being completed. The stand is built, the cold crops are growing,  the sign is up, & the transplants are on there way along with the Barrened breeds and the Leghorns due on the 25th. The soil is in the process of being being mended for summer crops  and the best part is yet to come........... the precsious harvest of the season.

Tommorw I'll be spending my day in the new strawberry patch, transplanting all day. Break a leg or maybe not I need it for the work involved. LOL.........

See you tmrrw chickadees!

Donna McGrath 

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