Sweet Pumpkins Farm

  (Hubbardston, Massachusetts)
farmming, pets, vegetables, fruits, famers markets, csa, farm stand, soy candles
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Getting Going

Well the times are a bit hard for a beginng farmer these days. I have yet to till my soil and some of  the summer crops are still waiting to go in the ground. I despartaly need tilling services. Thanks to "Craigs List" I should have everything done today. The rider is gone. My landlady took it, so now its time to buy some equipment for the farm. Again thank you "Craigs List" what would I do without you. 

The good news is the baby chix are home & they're happy and healthy! The Spring crops are just about ready to be harvested, and the sun is out. Haying has stared and the our coytote neighbor is prawling around . Yepp its summer alright.

 I'll take it all! Here we go.


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