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Peace and quit

For the last 2 months all our projects have been worked on and finished. The lose ends have been tied and the time for a little R&R is in need. Over the holiday weekend we will be closing the farm and reopening the following day for all our CSA pick ups. The need for a break is important for a better work ethic. We love the farm and the reward it gives back to me, my family and ofcorse our customers. So we dicied to close and reopen for the next bussiness day. I hope everyone will enjoy the this forth of July hoilday and remember to stay healthy and safe. The great harvest will be among us very soon and I hope to see it all flourish.

So happy forth to all! We will see you all on Tuesday the 5th of July for you next pick ups.    



Well last week we got all summer crop transplants in. The weather was good and thank god for big sister. She really rolled up her sleeves and got to work when no one else answered to my call for help. Seems like I'm going to have to breed all my helpers. Oh well what's is family for.

On a different subject all baby chix have grown 1/3rd of there size and now will shortly be in there hen house. I hope i get a rooster to word off my evil cat from them. So again Craigs list to the resque.

Now we have a healthy harvest to wait for!

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