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Well I must say everthing in life has a lesson to be learned. I just recieved my first angry telephone call.  The basket i sent to my customer in Georgia didn't make it there with good produce. Everthing spoiled on her and now they want to be refunded. Of coarse the purchase wil be refunded but now I have to find out why the products spoiled. The USPS charged me an arm and a leg for the shipping. I did everything in my power to make sure that the items where the freshest from the morning harvest including the flowers, I kept it cold until I shipped it and told them they'er were perishables in the box.

 Now my lesson learnred, was change the shipping to local deliveries only. But even then, will the USPS garantee a priorty shipping with perishables anyware in the state of Massachusetts? I don't so. So in the long run how does one offer a service that is unique and different without personally dilvering every produce basket to make this happen!

Extremly disappointed..........  

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Ice Blankets are a good way to ship things that must be kept cold and they also make a "green" insulated bag that you can put in the box. If you use USPS use the express mail flat rate boxes. The largest one will hold up to 70lbs for about $20 in shipping. When we ship meats we ship frozen with biodegradable gel packs and haven't had a problem yet. Breads and cheeses we use the insulated bags and small ice blankets. another good thing to use is the boidegradable foam inserts.
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Posted by Laohaire on May 17, 2011 at 01:48 PM EDT #

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