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 Last week I lost a great friend here on the farm. I will never have a another one like her. She as one of a kind. Her name was Ashley, she was a 7 months old and the sweetest chick know to me.

Ashley was all white with a few black smugdes on her like ashes from from a wood stove. She was a great hen and wonderful producer. Best friend to my black lab and my I: she followed us everywhere. Every morning she always greeted us at the window of her house and waited patiently for me settle up with the other girls. She greeted all our visitors and always let everyone pick her up. She was a delight. I saved her last egg and I plan on blowing out the inside and decorating it with her name on it.

My husband was great and took care of her body for me. He placed her in a box ontop of our outdoor fire pit and cremated her. She is truely an Ash-ley now and I plan on placing her in her favorit garden this summer. 

This is dedicated to all animal lovers. My we all reflect on our love &  care  for our pets no matter what Kind.  



Yesterday was a sad day here on the farm. The owners of the horses here had sold them off to a stable in Orange, MA. I was stocking up the farm stand when the trailer came for the boys. My two horse friends were picked up and are now gone. The farm feels empty now. But, I under sometimes as an owner of a pet, there are certain responsibilties that have to be meet in order to maintain these beautiful creatures. I wish I could have been the one to buy them instead, .........only I just couldnt affored them.  They just didn't have the time to ride them or train them. Now the boys will be riden and worked. Unfortunalty they had to be separted. Hopefully as yong as they are they can get used to their new life.  

I'll surely miss Ace and Razz, as well as the folks who owened them and there doggie Jake who's best friends with our black lab Kenji.

My heart goes out ot all who understands the lose of an animal they love.

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