Sweet Pumpkins Farm

  (Hubbardston, Massachusetts)
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Back in the saddle again!

Dear readers,

After a long and difficult road, I have rearranged this farm operation to exclusive online ordering. Due to causes in conflick with the farm. I was forced to do so by an unspeakable sorce to take down the stand leaving me no choice but to reinvent our services here.

With that I like to annouce our new inspired operation on producing cosmectics as well as honey and maple syrups. The farm is selling cosmetics exclusivley on etsy.com and on local harvest as well for the produce and basket arrangenments. I'm staritng up a winter garden with plenty of organic vegetables, flowers and herbs. I'm also adding a root cellar to the farm for natural storage. In additon, the next few days the extraction process will begin for honey production and bottling!

I have taken the time to utilze this fallow period to educate myself for different production practices and hope to have a positive feed back on it. This years 2012 NOFA Confrence has inspired me to continue my dreams in farming and sustainablity.  As the farm grows the new invention, I hope to have a following to grow with. Thank you to all who supported my opertion with words of wisdom and guideness.


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