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Publicity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...all the fuss today and for the next week is all about Worcester Magazines front page article "Dirt to Dinner ". It  published this week Thursday the 14th of July 2011. Page 11; Sweet Pumkins Farm Stand has a full page picture of me to start the story. We a have a small blurb on page 13 annoucing our upcoming conversion for going ORGAINC! So if your a fan or our current CSA member, you should should all check the article and celebrate our small business success.   

Mean while, we are anounicing our PYO raspberries for the season. All the berry baskets are at the stand and the honor system works for these as well. Just grab a basket pick and leave the cash at the stand. Find the price list for the basket and enjoy. See you all this week end!

FYI: All CSA members have the perk of coming at will for no exrta charge.


Farm project 2011

It's a beautiful day on the farm today, the horses are content & the dog is  going crazy over the great wheather.  I'm still  working on the new localtions for the summer & fall produce. The time is now to get everything in the ground & no transplants yet.  But the good news is the strawberries are in , and the radishes are up. The grow tunnels are excellent! I love them. Now if I can just fix my rider, I can concer all.

See you tommorw.




Farm Project 2011

May 9th 2011,

 The 5th  month on the farm project. Today the farm fields were extended by a tracktor plow. Thank goodness for friends in the business. I 'm  a few hundred dollars richer than i would have been if i had'nt known the right people. the rest is history after this. The real work in on!

The farm is just around the corner of being completed. The stand is built, the cold crops are growing,  the sign is up, & the transplants are on there way along with the Barrened breeds and the Leghorns due on the 25th. The soil is in the process of being being mended for summer crops  and the best part is yet to come........... the precsious harvest of the season.

Tommorw I'll be spending my day in the new strawberry patch, transplanting all day. Break a leg or maybe not I need it for the work involved. LOL.........

See you tmrrw chickadees!

Donna McGrath 

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