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Winter 2014

Despite the cold winter weather this year, the alpacas at Our Father's Farm have been snugly warm under their alpaca fleece.  I put some hay down in their sleeping area so their legs are not on not directly on the cold mats when the temperature drops in the evenings.  When it goes below zero, they occasionally get some grain to eat to help them produce a bit more energy to keep warm.  However, most of the time they just exist on good quality hay. 

The yearlings are going a bit crazy being "barn-bound," so they tend to make a run from one side of the barn to the other when a wide-open space exists.  They like to chase the chickens or cats for a bit of exercise, too.  I have a mirror I will be putting up soon to keep them busy.  Alpacas LOVE to look at themselves! 

I can't wait for spring, so I can watch the alpacas pronking in the fields!

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