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Call To Growers

Co-op, cooperative, a group of people. No matter what you call the thing, it still boils down to a team effort. More than one person pointing towards the same goal.

Here in Twin Falls Idaho, we are putting together a small group of growers who want to get you the best meat, vegetables, fruits, and a whole list of other good things, on your table.

Everything that we sell is grown either naturally or organically, right in your neighborhood, not in some far away country or in some other state. I just read a report that showed when you buy a local product, 10% more of the money that if you bought a non-local product, stays in your area. It pays to buy locally. Besides helping your friends and neighbors, that same money will someday find its way back to you.

I am putting together a small marketing flyer/brochure for our area and would like to include good stuff in it. Any growers in the Magic Valley please call of email me this week.

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