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Late Season Shares

Here it is April 11th, and my shares are all sold out. Now for the easy part, growing the stuff. While I am not sure how easy that will be this year, I do know that many more people called me than I could accommodate. Kind of a sign of the times I guess.

In that vein, I am opening up another section of my farm to what I am calling late season shares. It will probably be a 4 to 6 week share program that will include just the August-September stuff like Melons, Corn, Peppers, etc. Price point for a late share is going to be $125. The weekly shares will be smaller than a regular full season share.

I have already run the idea by many of those who called too late for a regular season share and they are all for it. 10 shares should do the trick. Kind of a neat way to introduce more folks to a CSA and hopefully, get them into the full program next year.

Next up: Starting a winter share program.

Any input would be appreciated.

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