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Growing For Beer

Does anyone out on this site do an custom growing for a local brewpub? I know that many micro breweries are always looking for organic or natural wheat and barley.

I just sent some emails out to a whole host of them in my area, introducing myself, my crops, and my style of growing. In addition, I asked for their feedback on both what they need and approximately what price they pay for it. 

While I am not sure if I have what it takes to grow for them, I sure would like to gain some information that will help my operation increase in size and scope.

If any of you have any ideas, feel free to email or call me. Thank you in advance.


Increase Your Revenue

Last year I needed to increase my revenue a bit. My shares were maxed out and due to weather, there was not much to sell either direct or at a market. I started a local food guide.

The guide that I started was nothing fancy. Basically it is a compilation of local food growers, wineries, brew pubs, beekeepers, and a few other goodies thrown in.  The first one that I did was almost a spreadsheet with phone numbers and websites included. I passed it out at the farmers market and to my shareholders.

I followed that up with a more elaborate pamphlet style booklet. I wrote up a small article about a few of the producers and included a color photo of their place or their product. Obviously with their permission. I also added a spot for advertisements, even though I had only two. I made sure and asked anyone taking the publication to mention it when they purchased.

My third version was almost a magazine. I did color photos, and sold some advertising. Each grower was listed for free, but could buy a full or half page color ad. Of the sponsors, I did a full spread interview and photo session on them. I got 1500 of those out to the public.

I am working on my fourth version now. Besides growers, I have taken some ads from unrelated businesses that see a good advertising deal. Also I am including a classified section in the back. Nothing huge yet, but some extra revenue.

If any of you want to start something like this, please email me and I will help you to get started.


Just Like The Queen

I read where some in the press are upset that the royals in England are going to be eating Quail eggs at the big upcoming wedding. The journalists are mad because eating quail eggs is kind of an upper crust thing to do I guess. Above the common person or something.

My family must be royalty or something because we eat quail eggs too. In fact, we even have our own quail. We must be special.

Quail eggs are supposed to be better for you than chicken eggs. Higher in antioxidants and omegas. I do not know if that is true, but they do taste really good.

For our CSA members, we have a quail egg add-on that will allow you to eat like a queen.

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