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Going Up?

The big talk these days is when, not if, the price of gas will hit $5 per gallon. Take a quick look at the financial report this morning and you will see that the big 5 is probably not that far off.Yikes.

Next to the price of gas going up, the next biggest type of commodity that could cost all of us way too much money is food. And the price of food is going the same direction as the price of gas. Nowhere but up.

At the rate that both food and gas are increasing in value, or perceived value if you will, the 5 dollar gas may really get to us, but can you imagine if the price of corn hits...

One dollar per cob?

One dollar for a corn cob. How about a buck for a cucumber or a squash. I went to the store yesterday and found that at the current ask price, tomatoes are about 50 cents each. Apples are about the same.

One dollar corn will be here before we know it.

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