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Spaghetti Squash

Had our first winter squash last night. Around here we like to wait for some decent cold weather before we begin tapping into the winter storage. Our weather is still way too warm for this time of the year, but we take it as it comes. 

I cooked up a real nice marinara sauce using all home grown veggies. 2 sweet peppers, 2 bell peppers, and 2 hot peppers, sauteed with a small red onion and a shallot. I added one clove of garlic right before stirring in 2 diced up tomatoes. Simmered that for an hour, adding a bit of water and red wine to keep the moisture up. Threw in some organic italian seasoning and a dash of sugar, and oh boy!

Steamed a few spaghetti squash, scooped out the "pasta", and dinner was served.

For the final touch, I grated some home made mizithra cheese to the top.

Gotta love the winter squash.



Who knew? I sure had no clue. What started out as an experiment a few years back, has now converted me into a believer.

In 2009 I put a few Arugula seeds in the ground because my wife had seen a recipe calling for it. Neither one of us had ever really tasted it before. My sister told us that she found it nasty tasting, and that we should not bother.

The 2 plants that came up that year were one of the best things that we have ever grown. We put those darn leafs on and in every meal we made during the summer of '09. It is featured in loads of recipes both in books and online.

Since then we have not looked back. Not only do we consume a bunch of it, we also sell quite a bit to both consumers and professional chefs in our area. As far as garden space versus dollars goes, the stuff is hard to beat. In addition, it grows like a weed. I highly recommend it to all of you growers.


Citrus Anyone?

Ok, I will admit that I am not the worlds most experienced grower or farmer. I try really hard to learn everything that I can about something, and then I dive right on in. I am used to failing on my first try. On that note, here I go again.

Over the summer, whenever there was time, yours truly designed and built a small (very small) greenhouse. Having built and used greenhouses before, I know firsthand that there needs to be a minimum amount of floor space as well as total space, in addition to a certain amount of air exchange, in order for things to grow well. I threw most of those rules out the door in my little experiment.

You see, my wife wants some kind of citrus fruit for the winter months. We do not live in Florida, so the whole citrus thing presents a bit of a challenge. Of course we could go and purchase some at the local "old dry stale" produce section of the supermarket, but that would defeat the point. So, in the interest of happiness, and also as a fun learning experiment,  I am planning to put a dwarf citrus tree in my very small greenhouse.

If anyone has ideas or tips, please send them on over. From what I have read, a dwarf sour mandarin will possibly work. 



2013 Is Right Around The Corner

What kinds of chemicals do you like to eat? Herbicides? Pesticides? Yum.

What country do you prefer your food to come from?

When you buy a share of our farm box program, we can promise you there will be a few chemicals on your food. Sunlight, well water, and dirt. A bit of compost from the organically fed free range chickens. An insect or two. Possibly some dog hair. That is the entire list.

Live healthy. Live clean. Eat local foods grown by someone you know.

Huge Amounts of Food

As 2012 comes to a quick close, I would like to report that all of our farm box owners had a wonderful year full of all kinds of good veggies. This year the list of what we harvested, and the amounts of what we harvested was off the scale. Our little farm just keeps on getting better. Thank you to everyone who participated. See you next spring!


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