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Beer Making 102

I have finally graduated to the intermediate level...maybe. After years of trudging along at the Beer 101 level, this week I may have moved onto the 102 class.

Back in college it always seemed like the lab part of the class was fun while the lecture end of things was fairly boring. At least for me. This beer making stuff is no different. I have read book after book, watched online tutorials, researched the heck out of every beer blog I can find; and found all of them rather dry and unexciting. But put the ingredients in my hand, equip me with the equipment needed to make good beer, and I am revved up. Now that is fun.

This week I made an Imperial Stout. In most of my beer books it is listed as requiring intermediate brewing skills. Only time will tell, as this one needs to ferment for quite a long time before bottling commences. At that time, I will check the final numbers and hopefully, look forward to taking a drink a bit later.

My final grade is still to be determined. Just like in college.

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