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Secret Supper Clubs

My wife and I have been working on some ideas to present our CSA as more of a social type organization than simply a farm.  Instead of just buying a weekly box of vegetables, what if our shareholders could break bread together?

From everything that I have read, both the southern and midwest states have a growing number of so called Secret Supper Clubs. The basic premise is that members buy a weekly or monthly ticket to an unknown dinner house. It could be a restaurant, or it could be the back of someones farm. The cool part of the thing is that the members have no idea, until the night of the festivities, where the dinner will be held or what will be served. At some clubs, entertainment is also provided.

While I am not sure about the secret location part, this idea could work very well with a CSA. Members could buy weekly or monthly tickets to a dinner that would be served at my farm. We would utilize mainly foods grown right here. Besides showcasing our excellent foods, it would be a wonderful way for our little group of shareholders to socialize.

 What do you think?

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