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Almost Sold Out

Every year I get nervous in January. What if I plant a huge amount and no one wants to join? Maybe the old adage about build it and they will come is wrong.

I can relax now.  This year, just like the past few, they are still coming. And coming. Food prices up. Gas prices up. Who knows what chemicals are on the grocery store food. CSA is the way to go.

I hope everyone else is doing good too.



My phone has been ringing off the hook. That is a phrase my teenagers probably wouldn't be able to make sense of. Why is your phone on a hook Dad?

I just got back from a bit of a winter relaxation trip, the whole purpose of which was to get me primed for a long hot dirty spell of hard work. I am ready.

All of my shareholders from last year are back and there have been loads of new requests for this year so, in that vein, I am attempting to add a few slots. Might have to acquire some new ground or something.

I am extending my special farm box deal until March 30th along with the special pricing that I am offering here on Local Harvest. 


Getting Exciing

The closer we get to March, the more excited I become. Every year around this time the thought of going out and starting to plant just consumes my thoughts. Spending time in the dirt and sun is so darn fun to me. It must be a farmer thing or quite possibly I am just weird.

One of the exciting things to me and my family is how many really nice people we meet. We have become pretty good friends along the way with our CSA members, and that is the best reason to grow food on a yearly basis.  It is just so neat to have a way to run a small business and at the same time socialize. I really wonder how many business folks get to say that.

Can't wait!

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