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Peas Onions Turnips Potatos

Got them in the ground. It will not be long now. We put a few types of each in the ground again yesterday and will do it again next week. In addition we plan to get quite a few root veggies in the ground over the weekend plus some different types of lettuce. In total, we should be able to get those first boxes out in May sometime. 

Welcome To All New Farm Boxers

I am not sure if Farm Boxers is a legal. Most English teachers would go nuts with that one. I am probably breaking more than a few grammar rules. All that college did not pay off I guess.

OK. Here goes. This year I have been getting inundated with possible new shareholders (or farm boxers if you will). I get at least one new email or phone call every day. 

As stated in a previous blog, I have acquired a bit of new ground so that we can accommodate more boxers this year. As always we will hand deliver all of your vegetables in a custom made farm box. New this year is a 5 week trial subscription that is taking off like wildfire.

Thanks to a bit of new farm land, we welcome all new members.


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