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Attitude Adjustment

Many  moons ago, I was a fitness instructor at a gym. It was a pretty high end social type place, but we had a fairly large group of members who worked out diligently. My job was to keep them on a workout program and motivate them. Designing workouts was easy to do with my background in athletics, and my formal college training in physical fitness. Motivating people who wanted to get into good shape, but had limited interest in actually doing what it required was a whole different ballgame. These were the people to whom working out was nothing but a chore to be done. Oh they worked out just as religiously as other members, but it was obvious that they did not enjoy it.

As a food grower, I often see the same type of thought process among my peers. Many of our fellow farmers or growers (whatever you wish to be called), complain that farming is hard and that there is not enough money to be made. Like in the above example, they continue to farm and go through the necessary motions, but it is nothing but a big pain in the rear for them. Everything is stacked against them, they feel.

Back in the day, I used to tell the "hate to workout but must do it" crowd that they needed to find a way to start enjoying the gym. Find a way to make it fun. Partner up. Set realistic goals. Ask for help from experts in the field. Listen to music. Tell yourself that you can't workout, ever. Some folks saw the light and started having more fun. Others simply quit.

If growing food is nothing but a chore that needs to be done, you may want to reconsider your view of being a farmer. Just like working out, farming can be very hard work, very unrewarding at times, and very lonely.

 But if you can change the way you feel about doing it, it could very well turn out to be one of the best things you have ever done. Once your attitude adjustment is complete, the rewards will come, and you will have so much fun doing it, that the thought of doing any other kind of work will seem crazy.


Radish Tester

Checking on the garden/farm/plot this morning I found that my little test area of radishes is going crazy. About 50 of them are poking up and getting a bit larger.

Every year I plant a small test area of something that I have never tried before. Now, just the for the record, yes, I have planted radishes before. Many times. Just not these radishes. I am testing out a winter radish. They take a bit longer to get going than typical radishes, but supposedly they store over the winter. From what I have read, cooks prefer them stir fried rather than fresh.

 This morning I ate a few of them, just to see how they tasted. Impressive. All of my farm box owners will be getting a taste as well later on in the season. 

So far, so good!

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