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Dependance On Foreign Beef?

Our kids had a few friends coming over on Saturday. I told them dinner was on me. My special beef enchiladas. The kids and their buddies always love them. Off to the store I went.

I digress a moment.

We always buy a side of beef from a friend who happens to grow organic beef for his living. Good stuff. The problem last Saturday was that we were out of ground beef and that is what I needed for the recipe. Sure I could grind up another cut but figured a quick trip to the store would be faster and easier.

To the store I went. In the meat department I find the ground beef, but something is amiss. On the label the meat is listed as coming from Mexico. I ask the butcher if he has any from the US. After all, I live in the US. I prefer my food to come from the US. More specifically, I prefer my food to come from my region. Geez. I live right in the middle of beef country. Why would I want to buy beef from Juarez Mexico?

After visiting 2 other grocery stores I gave up. They all buy their beef from either Mexico or Canada. No thanks.I went home to grind up a top sirloin roast from my buddies beef.

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