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Do The Math

One acre will produce enough vegetables for about 30 shareholders. That is what I have found anyways. I devote one acre to only 15 shareholders merely because I try to under promise and over deliver, but I easily pull enough out of the ground to sell 30 shares. Next year I am going for the full 30 shares, and still plan on delivering heaping amounts to my shareholders.

If I sell a full 30 shares at my price of $350- $19.44 per week (seems to be about market rate here in my area, but low for some of you), my gross would come out to $10,500. Not bad for one acre. Increasing my acreage to 5 would yield $52,500.

I have read where some share type growers are actually producing enough for 40 shares per acre, and getting $600 per share. That is $24,000 per acre. Very nice results.

By adding a high tunnel a grower could manage to extend the share season by a month or so, depending on the area. In my case, if I can extend the share season from 18 weeks to 25, I can add $19.44 per week to the share cost, bringing the total to $486 per share. In this case, my gross would increase to $14,582 per acre for the season.

I am adding what I call "late season shares" to the mix this year. I am selling a share for $250- $31.25 per week for 8 weeks of August and September goodies. I am setting the price higher for a variety of reasons, and have already sold 3 of the 10 experimental shares. I will be using a 1/4 acre plot to start with and am quite sure that I can make this work. In this case, 10 shares at $250 will gross $2,500, which equates to $10,000 per acre.

Even at only 18 weeks, the regular shares plus the late season shares will gross  $13,000. By using the high tunnel and increasing the timeline for shares, my farm will gross $17,000. Not bad for 1.25 acres, 30 regular shares and 10 late season shares. 

Got any suggestions for me? I still consider myself a newbie after 5 years.



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