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I Love My Job

A few days ago I received an email from Local Harvest asking me to take a survey. I am not usually much into surveys, but I really appreciate what LH does for me and all of us. They run a very nice operation and have helped me not only to get my little business running better, but also to help educate me in many ways. I will donate to them again this year.

Back to the survey. I decided to take the survey, which is from a group of researchers at Lehigh University. It asks some general type questions along with some fairly pointed questions. After taking it, I could see where they were going with the thing. Hopefully their research will help all of us run a tighter ship and provide more good food to more folks.

One of the questions really stuck out with me. Just for the record, I am not a farmer by trade. Building is what I do. Houses, barns, additions, garages, etc. A good trade my Dad would say. But when the market for residential building fell a few years ago, I needed some extra income. Not a lot, just a bit extra. I decided to sell what was in my garden. My first year I struggled. Everyone loved my food but marketing was a problem. I discovered the CSA concept. Things took off.

I only have a few acres and will never make a huge go of this thing, but I do pretty well. Back to the survey again. The question was "do you like your job?". Wow! This one hit home. I had never thought about it but I love growing food. My wife will attest to this. There are times when I could be out swinging a hammer, and making great money, that I prefer to stay in my garden, and pull weeds, or nurture my plants, or just stand around in awe. I simply love growing food.

No I do not like my job. I love it!

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