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Increase Your Revenue

Last year I needed to increase my revenue a bit. My shares were maxed out and due to weather, there was not much to sell either direct or at a market. I started a local food guide.

The guide that I started was nothing fancy. Basically it is a compilation of local food growers, wineries, brew pubs, beekeepers, and a few other goodies thrown in.  The first one that I did was almost a spreadsheet with phone numbers and websites included. I passed it out at the farmers market and to my shareholders.

I followed that up with a more elaborate pamphlet style booklet. I wrote up a small article about a few of the producers and included a color photo of their place or their product. Obviously with their permission. I also added a spot for advertisements, even though I had only two. I made sure and asked anyone taking the publication to mention it when they purchased.

My third version was almost a magazine. I did color photos, and sold some advertising. Each grower was listed for free, but could buy a full or half page color ad. Of the sponsors, I did a full spread interview and photo session on them. I got 1500 of those out to the public.

I am working on my fourth version now. Besides growers, I have taken some ads from unrelated businesses that see a good advertising deal. Also I am including a classified section in the back. Nothing huge yet, but some extra revenue.

If any of you want to start something like this, please email me and I will help you to get started.

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