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I have never grown leeks before. To be right up front, I was not even sure what you would do with them until a few weeks ago. One of my share holders from last year asked if I would grow them. After a bit of research I decided to give it a try.

On March 1st I started 100 of them in my greenhouse. Large American Flag leeks they are called. Kind of a patriotic name. Anyways, from what I have read these things take about 100 days from sowing to eating so I am hoping to have 100 ready to go around the end of May or start of June. Weather permitting of course.

Online there are lots of great recipes for leeks with the one that sticks out at me being leek and potato soup. That looks really good to this Idaho farm boy. I'll let you know around June 1st or so.

If any of you have any leek suggestions I would love to hear them.

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