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Potatoes Above Ground

Oh yeah. With the weather here in the Magic Valley finally warming up, again, things are starting to happen in the garden. Green things are popping up all over the place.

I noticed yesterday while checking the water system that the potatoes are finally popping up above ground. Little dark green leaves are forcing their way out of the ground, looking for a bit of sun.

Today we are expected to have a high in the 70's and that tells me more goodies will come up during the day.

Oh yeah!


2 Shares Remaining

This year I had to pick up a bit of new land in order to accommodate everyone.Lots of new share holders. That also means more farm boxes for me to build. I had better get working. Not enough hours in a day from now until around the end of October.

I have to admit that growing excellent food and being able to hear from folks how good the stuff is really excites me. The whole farming experience is like a bit of nirvana to me. My little family farm definitely does not make me enough money to live off, but who cares. Growing food is so rewarding that I plan on doing it until the end of my days. 


More Green Stuff Above Ground

Even though it has been raining cats and dogs for the last 24 hours, with much more on the way, I went out and took a look at my rows last night. Besides onions, we now have radishes, potatoes, turnips, and rutabagas popping their tiny green shoots out above ground.

This is great news. Unless we have a bad freeze or frost, we should be eating some good foods before June 1st. Keep those fingers crossed.

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