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Onions popping up!

It has been really nice around here for the last 5 days. Our highs have been in the 60's and 70's with loads of sunshine. Besides all of the onions and potatoes that I was able to get in the ground a few weeks ago, I now have rows of lettuce, carrots, turnips, rutabagas,and some radishes. If the weather continues to cooperate, hopefully, we will have our first boxes out towards the end of May.

Planting will continue this week.


Farm Boxes 2012!

Get ready Twin Falls because here we go again. After a banner year last year, we are getting ready for an even better crop in 2012. 

Due to overwhelming demand for our product last year, we have decided to go to a full share only program. We will sell 15 full shares at a price of $500 for the entire season. Starting every week, just as soon as we start pulling fresh veggies out of the garden, our shareholders will receive a custom made farm box, chock full of good stuff. As an add-on, we also give you recipes tailored for that weeks bounty. 

Since 2005 we have personally delivered each and every farm box right to your door, and unless the price of gas goes too high, we fully intend to again this year. Also, we will take Visa and M/C this year, in addition to good old cash.

Call or email Kevin ASAP to get on the list for 2012.


Produce Has Doubled In Price

Now is a great time to join a CSA. It is also a great time to be a grower. 

In some areas  grocers are reporting that the price of certain types of produce, most notably, lettuce, have doubled in price in a few scant weeks. Both corn and wheat prices have doubled in the last year and sugar prices are right behind at a stiff 65% increase. Yikes!

While I could obviously write a very long thesis on this subject, I will not bore anyone further. We all know what is going on in the world and in our own country that is contributing to these rising food prices. Most of us have very little, of any, control over that.

But we can help Americans save money on the food that they eat. We can also help those same Americans save at the pump. At the same time we can assist those same folks in their desire to eat better and fresher food.

Spread the word about community supported agriculture and what it can do in your community. Let people know that you will make sure they get great fresh food at a great price, and if they sign up now, they can lock in their prices for the summer and fall.

Times a wastin'

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