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Spaghetti Squash

Had our first winter squash last night. Around here we like to wait for some decent cold weather before we begin tapping into the winter storage. Our weather is still way too warm for this time of the year, but we take it as it comes. 

I cooked up a real nice marinara sauce using all home grown veggies. 2 sweet peppers, 2 bell peppers, and 2 hot peppers, sauteed with a small red onion and a shallot. I added one clove of garlic right before stirring in 2 diced up tomatoes. Simmered that for an hour, adding a bit of water and red wine to keep the moisture up. Threw in some organic italian seasoning and a dash of sugar, and oh boy!

Steamed a few spaghetti squash, scooped out the "pasta", and dinner was served.

For the final touch, I grated some home made mizithra cheese to the top.

Gotta love the winter squash.

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