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Radish Tester

Checking on the garden/farm/plot this morning I found that my little test area of radishes is going crazy. About 50 of them are poking up and getting a bit larger.

Every year I plant a small test area of something that I have never tried before. Now, just the for the record, yes, I have planted radishes before. Many times. Just not these radishes. I am testing out a winter radish. They take a bit longer to get going than typical radishes, but supposedly they store over the winter. From what I have read, cooks prefer them stir fried rather than fresh.

 This morning I ate a few of them, just to see how they tasted. Impressive. All of my farm box owners will be getting a taste as well later on in the season. 

So far, so good!


Culinary Internship

We at Black Dog Farms are currently seeking a culinary student who would like to participate in a summer internship program. The intern would be responsible for coming up with recipes that would include vegetables that we grow here at Black Dog Farms. The recipes would be added to our weekly newsletter and our website. 

We would prefer an intern who is currently attending either a culinary, cooking, or related type of formal program.  If possible, we would register through your schools internship program, in order to get you some credit. Local residence is not critical due to modern technology.

If anyone is interested, please email me.


Snow Onions Anyone?

Another huge weather change here in southern Idaho. A few weeks ago we were planting seeds while wearing shorts and T-shirts. Not today. This morning we woke up to a thin crust of ice on everything and a wake-up temperature of 27 degrees here at Black Dog Farms.

Yesterday it basically snowed all day in our area. The hills to the south of us are covered in white again.  Too bad the ski resorts closed up last week.

Oh well. The life of a farmer.



Do They Let Their Kids Eat That Stuff?

This morning, while running an errand, I happened to be driving by a local food growing establishment. A farm. I happen to know where they sell the "food" that they grow and I do not want it. Not after this morning.

A tractor was driving up and down the rows spraying some chemical out of an overhead device. I could smell whatever it was and at least to me, it did not smell like something that I would want to eat.

Yeah I know. Just wash my food off. Right. I am going to have to pass on that.

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