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Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner

This year we made it our mission, that everything on our Easter Dinner Table would be from a local source and we considered local as being produced in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Lamb Chops (Shepherds Song Farm - Downing, WI) topped with Wild Plum Schnapps (Picked in  Webster, WI - produced in my basement)

Beet Napolean - Choggia and Golden Beets from Dragsmith Farms - Barronett, WI

Bella Vitano Raspberry Cheese - Plymouth, WI

Deviled Eggs - Local Egg Producer in Hammond, WI

Cheesecake - Made by a local Artisan Producer and topped with Bee Free Honey - Minneapolis, MN (Reduced Apple Cider)

Other Items that dotted our table were - locally raised apples and homemade biscuits with Wild Grape Jam, locally produced wine and beer.

Needless to say it was really Yummy!

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