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We are in the Midst of Slaughter Time!!

Coming in over the next few weeks we will have a plethera of fun and interesting locally raised meats.

Red Venison - Red Stag Acres - Ground, Shoulders, Tenderloins

Red Venison - Bur Oaks - Jerky, Flanks, and Briskets

Elk - Minnesota Coop - Denver Legs, Shoulders, Shanks, Ground, Patties, Summer Sausage, NY Strips, French Racks

Alpaca - Princeton, MN -  Ground, Brats, Snack Sticks, Primals

Lamb and Goat - WI - a huge variety of local products.



Knife Sharpening

Have you ever tried to find someone that can sharpen household and professional knives - it is darn near impossible.  I am looking for someone who can do this for our customers in the Minneapolis/St. Pual, MN area.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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