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Side of Beef or Whole Pig, Lamb, Etc

Is it a good deal to get a Side of Beef, Whole Pig, etc.

You need to educate yourself prior to purchasing a whole beef, side of beef, whole pig, whole lamb, etc.  It is almost like buying a car - do your research, talk to a local butcher about cuts, talk to the farmer about cuts, ask for prices up front, estimated yields, any additional costs that would be involved - labeling, vacuum packaging, fresh or frozen, pick up or delivery.

I spend a lot of time educating folks on the cuts to get when purchasing whole and 1/2 carcass animals.  From ground chuck to Bone in Steaks, roasts, stew, tallow, tongue, kidneys, livers, etc.  If you feed a raw diet to your pets you will make out like bandits as you will obtain a higher yield of the carcass than most could think of. 

If you are looking at buying a whole carcass - do the research first.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.



Smoking Local Durok Pork Shoulders in our New Smoker

Smoked Boneless Pork Butt/Shoulder

(remember the Pork Butt or Boston Butt as it is refered to comes from the shoulder and not the leg.  The leg of a pig is refered to as the ham. 

Today is the first day working with our newest addition to our Retail Store - A Texas Style Smoker made in Hudson, WI.

The smoker has a side box so the heat and smoke can be adjusted at the touch of a finger on the vents and the temperature will stay quite consistent. 

We are working with Compart Durok Pork Boston Butt - which comes from Western Minnesota off of Compart Farms - Nicollet, MN

Temperature of the smoker will be held at a consistent 235-250 degrees.  We will be using locally produced cherry wood from a local cabinet maker who only buys his wood from local producers mainly in Wisconsin.  The Boston Butts were dry rubbed with a seasoning mixture developed by a local chef.

We are smoking close to 60# of Boston Butt for a next door business for their Customer Appreciation Day which is tomorrow.


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