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All Creatures Great and Small

We raise several breeds of cattle for specific purposes, Sussex for draft, Irish Moiled for milk and beef, British White for beef, Guernsey for milk, and Red Angus for beef. We also have some truly rare breeds solely for conservation. Galloway, Devon, and Pisgaure. Occasionally calves are available for purchase but most females remain to enhance the herds and males are either breed stock or beef.

We raise Welsh Mule, Texel, and North Country Cheviot sheep. All very hardy wool breeds that produce good staple and lovely lamb. We will be introducing Oxford and Clun Forest sheep into our program in the near future and are considering some hair breeds.

We also have Boer,Kiku and Oberhasli goats for meat and milk.

Our Pigs are Berkshire, Tamworth, and Glouchester Old Spot respectively. They are held on seperate areas of the ranch to ensure that cross breeding does not occur. Occasional accidents do happen but we are careful to tell our clients if they are purchasing a cross.

Our Poultry is a motley mix indeed! We started with Dorkings and Barred rocks as well as several varieties of Orpington but over the years they have all cross bred so now we have Large brown egg layers. The plan is to purchase some of the more rare varieties but these that we have now have become accustomed to our climate and rear their chicks without any interference.

This will be our third year raising Heritage Turkeys. They need to be self sufficient around here and the commercial types just can't make it.

More on day to day activities in the near future.


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