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Some of our Bounty to Share

It's Cheese making time here at The Shire. We have Cheddar, 4 differrent cows milk Blue cheeses, 4 sheeps milk cheeses, and 2 goat cheeses going into the cave as well as some fresh curds and farmstead cheeses. Next week will be Swiss style cheeses and Jacks as well as some Basque style cheeses.

Dry cured sausages and hams will be put down in a few days and I will list the varieties here as soon as they are decided on. Parma style ham and Lanjaiger Sausage are ready as well as some Boerwars. Fresh/frozen sausages that are available include; black pudding, Calabrese, Merguez, Country Lamb, and Highland spice.

Outdoor planting has begun despite 2 nights of freeze and the less hardy vegetables and fruits will move out of the long house in the next fortnight.

There are several spring lambs ready for harvest and 3 steers.

New Brakes went on the stone skid today so that rock can be moved down for the new oven. We will be able to produce enough bread to have some available for sale as well as stone ground flours. Wheat, Oat, Amaranth, Barley, and Flax. We also have a limited supply of spelt and sorgum flour.

Hand forged cooking tools and Kettles are available as are a few adz, sickles, and axe heads. We will be hosting a Smith's Gathering in June that will last 5 days with some of the best Blacksmiths in the US attending and teaching. 10 spots are available in the Keep and there is plenty of room for campers. Just remember that vehicles must park at the headquarters buildings and it is about a mile in to the Keep. Wagons will run several times a day for bringing in supplies and horses are welcome. No Propane forges will be allowed within the Keep. Anyone wishing to order hand forged items please email your requests.

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