The Shire

  (New Plymouth, Idaho)
Where the Iron Age and New Age Meld
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All things Bright and Beautiful


Welcome to our Community! We extend from The Owyhee Mountains to Treasure Valley and would love for you to learn about us. We raise Ancient and American Heritage breeds of livestock and produce. We have reproduced an Iron Age Keep and a Native American Winter encampment that is open to visitors. No Modern vehicles are allowed beyond the 1840's era Ranch headquarters. Everything is managed using Ancient methods where possible and no modern equipment is used in the tending of livestock or the gardens with the exception of a long house for starting young plants. Our water is from springs, streams and rivers, and we are completely off the grid. Our electricity comes from solar and wind generators. We cook and preserve with wood and hand craft our own vinegars and sorghum syrups and sugars. Any items that come from outside are verified to be chemical free and unadulterated. We Proudly use Real Salt(t) as our only source for salt, all spices and herbs are grown here or guaranteed Fair Trade and Organic. We want to extend the opportunity for those of you with an interest to experience a truly self sustainable living environment and have access to the cleanest foods and faire available today. With a nod to the Modern age we will have a storefront here on Local Harvest where you can purchase our Bounty. Thank you for your interest and support.


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