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Answering a few Questions

Thank you for the questions about our Ranch and practices. Jennifer; We do are not offering Verified Turkey Hard Winter Wheat for sale at the present time. We are growing it and after it is rouged any excess is sent to a Gentleman actively working to bring this variety back to production levels. It is a Landrace grain and does not always breed true. We are currently only offering Stone Ground flour from the harvest that is not considered eligible for planting. We do offer seed from the Canadian Variety Kharkof for planting as it is genetically nearly identical to the Turkey variety. To the person that tried to leave a nasty comment; Our Headquarters and Farm Store are in New Plymouth but our holdings stretch from the Jordan Valley in Oregon over the border and into Idaho. We are dedicated to keeping our holdings as pristine as possible and access to our operation is strictly regulated to ensure that no contaminants are brought in by vehicles randomly entering the area. Tracking your ip address places you over 800 miles away from us and a bit of research indicates that your claim of being a former resident with farming family members in the area is false. Our information puts you in Southern California from your time of immigration to this country. I do thank you for the demographic composition that you sent. Should you truly wish to visit us a name and telephone number needs to be included with your request so that we may contact you to arrange it. Julie; Your Kettle will be ready for shipment next week, Please contact me privately to confirm if you want the kettle itself footed or a set of fire dogs. We work very hard to maintain our lands and produce the best products we can offer while adhering to Old Word and pre-industrial traditions and practices. The people that live on this land do so because they love it and want to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. Talented people have come together to create a unique environment where Sustainability is a way of life. We believe that Margaret Meade said it best, "Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World." That's our philosophy in a nut shell. Laohaire
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