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The Changing Seasons and Getting Ready for the Baby Goats

After  a very busy Fall  season and  pumpkin Patch , it seems that  Fall is  a memory and christmas is in  the  air..

We live  here  on  our small  german heritage farm with  14  barn  cats, 25 Heritage Turkeys,40 Chickens, 5 peacocks 6 LGD (livestock guardian dogs  great pyranees)9 ducks and

64 dairy goats (all  the females  55  of them are pregnant and are ready  for    delivering their babies  starting  jan 1st.)we had to   get our   heat lamps  going and  bed down  the  goathouse  with extra  hay  to  keep everyone  warm  on these cold  nights  we   have  been  having.Black walnuts and hickory  nuts  have  to  be   hulled and  packeaged   to sell at  market  for  christmas sales.There isnt  enough time in  the  day  to  get  everything done!

Everyday goes by  very  very  fast  here and we  wonder  how  we  made it  through  another  day.We  dont  have  milk to  make  cheese  forthe last   4 mos  and  have  to  bake and  make   soap  and  jellies and  candies  to  sell at  farmers  markets to  pay  for  our  hay  and  goat  feed  and   animal  feed  each  day... until our  1st  babies  are born then  we  will have   dairy  income   to  sell.I enjoy  making  all the  baked  goods  and  all the  jellies  from  our  farms  wild  harvests we  find  in the  woods...

Then We have  a lil  goat   named  RAY that  is  disabled  from a  stroke  at  birth  and he  isnt   thriving in the  cold  snap  we  just  had. He  collapses  now  about  5 times  a day  and  i  take  him  everywhere i go on  the farm  so  he  knows  hes  with  me and   safe and  comforted.he   continues  to   push on   for  me  because  he  knows  i  love  him  dearly.He  will act  completely  normal  for hours  and   graze  with  the  herd  and  then  u  turn around  and  hes  laying  there... it  just  breaks  your  heart .I look forward  to  taking   care of  him  each  day. he lays  on a  blanket  by the  fireplace  and   sleeps in  our  living room.

Today we  get  ready  for  the  weekend  markets  and im  baking   german stollen, gingerbread and  making  huckleberry syrup   for  pancakes we found the berries in our woods.its very very   yummy.id better get in the kitchen now!


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