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Why We Love Our Members

Why we love our CSA members. If we are diligent and we please our members we are paid back in much more than finaces. Honestly, most farmers will tell you that their "real pay" is happy customers and farm members. If we were to average out our earnings over the time we invest, the "wage" we make would be quite dismal. But even when the rain is cold, the wind whipping, the grain bins low and the hours long, happy customers make your day. They are the reason, we at Mini Miracles, get up in the morning. Why we fuss over the carrots, water during the drought and "keep on, keeping on". So it is a joy when you come by all excited about this week's share, to have a quick chat, see the new baby, hear about how little Susie now eats all her veggies (since she's visited the farm) and what new recipe you have found to use the swiss chard in. The gormet treats you whipp up at Christmas time and share with us are truely the icing on the farming cake. So here is to happy CSA members and spreading the Love of Fresh, organic food. As one new member chirpped to another, "oh yes, we have become food snobs! Nothing else just tastes this good!" 

Critters I'd like to Vaporize

When I was a child, I loved all manner of critters. Crawling ones, flying ones and those that ran on little soft pads. Much to my parents chagrin, I was the kid constantly dragging home helpless, abandoned cats, dogs and once on vaccation a seagull hit by a car. I walked three miles, with the feathered, bewildered package, in the August sun back to the condo to alert my parents we had to call an avaian rescue organization to save it. They were constantly adding to the household list of rescued this and that. At one point we had, twelve inside cats, twelve outside dogs and 30 rescued kittens. It took up most of my spare time, all of my allowance and the majority of my Saturdays. It was my parents' idea of "say no to drugs" campaign. Keep 'em busy, broke and focused on something else.  

Now that I farm, critters have become varmints and "they" have become the enemy. Not mine specificaly, but enemy to my laying hens, meat chickens and vegetable row beds.To say nothing of the fruits and vegetables that reside every season in those beds. I used to look at roaming raccons as facinating. Now I say a silent "one less chicken killer in the world" when I see one dead on the road. Mind you, I still find raccoons facinating but just not when they are pulling my sleeping hens through the cage wire or chewing off their heads and leaving the body.

I can almost be ok with a hawk that snatchs "a" hen - I know it will be dinner but have a fox sneak in and he will kill 14 in one night just seemingly for the joy of killing. I can't or at least decorum dictates that I shouldn't tell you the words that pop into my mind when I go to harvest cantaloupe only to find half of it gone...mice, rats, coyotes, possum stay out!


In the Cold of Winter - My Seeds they are a Calling

Oh, how I shiver with the winter chill in my bones! Lately though I suspect I am shivering with the excitement of the new growing season around the corner (or so I tell myself). Yes, I am addicted. Throughly and totally convicted that one of the winter's true joys for us crazy farmers is the arrival of the new seed catalogs. Ahh, the plotting and the planning and the never ceasing rearranging of how I might arrange the growing beds "this year". It helps to keep my mind off my frozen nose and toes as my son and I go about our daily routine of feeding animals and clearing the fields and the endless chore lists that come with living the "simple life".

My mother is convinced that I am certifiably insane to farm and yet, she can't get over how wonderful my pasture raised eggs are compared to the ones she buys in the store! The thought of fresh eggs frying up in the skillet on a chilly January morn, now there is a bit of sunshine - hot off the plate!  

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