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Look funny! Act funny! And maybe, just maybe smell funny!
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According to, garlic sales have increased due to a vampire warning.  In December 2012, they wrote, "Sales of garlic have reportedly rocketed in Western Serbia after a local council issued a warning that a vampire is on the loose.  

The public health warning was triggered when an old mill, which many apparently believe belonged to village vampire Sava Savanovic, collapsed due to lack of care.  The notorious vampire is said to have lived in the old watermill, where he drank the blood of anyone who came to collect grain.  The mayor of the village said he is unfazed about being mocked by others who do not share a belief in the legend, placing the safety of his citizens first.

Residents have also been advised to place holy crosses in every room of their houses as a further precaution."

GarlicMaster Lowell says, "Be sure to have plenty of our garlic on hand in case your mayor issues a warning that a vampire is on the loose!"


Elephant Garlic is an imposter!

Before getting into the growing of garlic seed I assumed that Elephant Garlic was just a big, honkin' garlic! Elephant Garlic is a leek, a member of the onion family.  That is why it smells kinda oniony garlicky.  It is milder than true garlic, which is from the allium family. I think people originally thought it was a garlic because it has cloves whereas onions have layers.

Seriously, go for the real garlic for the fabulous health benefits!

Diane/aka the GarlicMaster's wife

So, look funny, act funny and maybe,just maybe smell



We are sooo excited.  The stalks are fat and sturdy and now is the time for the bulbs to put all of their energy into growing.  Our bulbs are really healthy because of the rich soil and clean air here in Northeast Iowa.  We finished taking off the scapes (blooms) from the hardnecks and now can relax for about 3 weeks until it is time to harvest.  They like to be harvested in July, usually the hottest day of the year!  ha ha

We hang them in our shed and create a large dehydrator of sorts with fans in the wall and large fans blowing on the bulbs.  We also have a screen that fits over the opening of the overhead door so the garlic is protected from birds, bats and critters.  We prefer this over those who dry their garlic in open barns where the bulbs can get poo on them.  Ours never will so you can safely eat our garlic.  

Watch the GarlicMaster show how he dries garlic on this video.

So, look funny! Act funny! And maybe, just maybe smell funny!

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