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“Angelica”the Soother for the Digestive System

(Archangelica officinalis. Umbelliferae)

Found in damp and woodland places, and cultivated in gardens. Angelica is a rather hairy plant with ferny leaves, and umbels of white flowers of most powerful and fragrant scent.

Use internal: For all digestive troubles, including colic, and heartburn. The leaves broad leaf stalks and roots are used. It is a cordial drink with honey. Candied angelica stalks are a popular sweetmeat in France and Spain, and candy is valued for its tonic properties and for fertility. The tea is a good eye tonic, strained carefully before use.

Dose: One teaspoon of Roots to one and a half cups of water, to bring up wind and to soothe disordered stomachs. It is important not to confuse this plant with hemlock, of the same family, which has a poisonous principle, conine.

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