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"Chamomile" One of the Best Remedy for Infants' Ailments

Chamaemelum nobile. Compositae                                                                                                                Found in waste-places, and as a garden weed. Leaves are feathery, flowers are small, white, and daisy-like, with yellow centers. Chamomile is a fragrant herb, of sweet apple scent. The flowers yield an oil much used by Arab Herbalists. It is recognized by the orthodox medical profession as a valuable medicine for the young, especially in France and Spain where numerous doctors prescribe it. One of the best remedies for infants’ ailments.

Incidentally, Chamomile may be planted to replace grass seed on turf where drought conditions prevent a lawn from growing normally and keeping green. When bruised by treading, the chamomile lawn yields a fresh aroma. Although such a lawn will keep green without watering, it cannot stand such hard wear as can grass.

Use, internal:

The most popular use is tea for its soothing, cleansing, and tonic properties. Used as a treatment of ulcers, tumors, lassitude due to congestion and poor body tone. Equally useful for female ailments. The brew of dried or fresh flowers is particularly useful as a febrifuge. As a cure for insomnia and depression.

Use, external:

A well-known brightener for hair is a lotion of the flower heads. It is one of the best of all eye lotions. Soothes and heals inflamed gums. To make a poultice to relieve pain and reduce tumors: Mix one handful of Chamomile with one handful linseed and a handful of poppy seed ; crush or powder the herbs, mix with boiling water, spread on a flannel and apply.


An infusion of the dried leaves can be used , but a Standard Brew of fresh leaves and flower heads is preferable when these are obtained. T o be taken by the cupful, like any other tea, and as the pungent oils yield their flavor readily, it is best to dilute and sweeten with a teaspoon of honey per cup when the patient is young.

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