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“Horsetail” The Highly Medicinal Herb

Equisetum arvense. Equisetaceae                                                              

Found on wasteland and along ditches and roadsides. This plant is of particular formation, resembling a horse’s tail. The stems are hollow-jointed and the leaves reduced to a mere scale at the points. No flowers are produced, but brown spores are borne on the fertile stems. The high silica content of this plant gives it a hard and quite sharp texture, and peasant people and Gypsies put it to use as a pan scourer. It was formerly especially used to scour dairy pails and implements. The plant is highly medicinal, with powerful antiseptic properties, and is a famed vulnerary.

Use, internal:

Treatment of stomach and intestinal ulcers, inflammation of the uterus, vagina and bladder (also used externally as douche). To cure internal wounds of bowels, reduce enlarged anal glands (internal and external treatments). For dysentery, obesity, dropsy. To dissolve stone in bladder (a strong brew). To strengthen hair, fingernails, enamel of teeth.

Use, external:

For nose-bleeds, laryngitis, ear pains, toothache, all form of wounds. Dose: This is a potent herb. Of a Standard Brew, made from a handful of the whole plant to three cups of water, two teaspoonfuls, morning and night.


Pulp up the herb, dissolve well in warm vinegar, a handful of herb to two cups of vinegar. Tor treatment of wounds, dilute the vinegar brew with two parts of raw milk. The whole plant, made into a strong brew, is an effective spray against mildew on roses and vines.

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