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“Hydrangea” A Favorite Herb of the Cherokee Indians

Hydrangea arborescens. Hydrangeacea                                                    

Found in woodlands and along banks of steams, also cultivated as a garden plant. Leaves are ovate, dark green, cut edges, large. Flowers are showy, and borne in large corymbs, white, blue or pink-shaded. The bark of the stems peels very freely. This was a favorite of those great herbalists, the Cherokee Indians.

Use, internal:

A mild and soothing herb, effective in rheumatic troubles and glandular disorders. Also in urinary ailments; rheumatism, including its chronic forms, joint stiffness and paralysis; bladder and kidney disorders, including stone, inflammation, backache from kidney trouble. Treatment of dropsy and all lymphatic swellings.


Of a Standard Brew from the leaves, two teaspoonful, morning and night.

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