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"Catnip" The Ancient Herbal Remedy

Nepeta cataria. Labiatae                                                                             

Found in hedges and on waste-places. Greyish, strongly scented. Flowers white or pale lavender, hooded. Cats eat the leaves for their medicinal properties and like to roll in this plant – hence the name. It is an ancient herbal remedy, especially good for babies and young children, but it is excellent for the old as well.

Use, internal: Pain relief – pains of all kinds, but especially those associated with digestion, menstruation . To cure spasm colic, whooping cough. To expel wind and intestinal gas, cure hiccups and ease stomach spasms. Catnip is very soothing to the nerves.

Dose: Of a standard brew of the leaf sprays and flowers, a wineglass morning and night. Children: a teaspoon of the standard brew, before meals, sweetened with honey. (Honey is not recommended for children less than one year old.)

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