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"Fennel" A Prized Tonic for Brain and Digestive System

Foeniculum vulgare. Umbelliferae                                                              

Found on dry banks. It likes coastal regions. Leaves are featherey, very dark green, of pungent scent. Scent is of new-mown hay, from which the plant takes its name. Flowers are green-yellow, in umbels. The white hearts of fennel shoots are a prized vegetable, delicious to eat and very healthful.

Use, internal:

Fennel leaves, for treatment of all gastric ailments, also constipation, and obesity. Fevers, cramps, rheumatism, diabetes. Fennel foliage improves memory and is a general tonic for the brain. Hearts of the shoots are a digestive tonic, laxative, and fertility herb. Fennel roots are not much used, but the Arabs consider them one of the finest of laxatives. One root taken before meals, twice daily. Grate finely; mix in a tablespoon of bran for improves effect. Fennel seed, crushed fine and made into a strong tea, speedily expels poison from the blood, therefore should be used after bites from snakes, scorpions, dogs and other animals. Also reduces obesity. Will relieve jaundice.

Use, external:

Fennel leaves; As a poultice. As a lotion for all eye ailments.


Of a Standard Brew, several tablespoons a day.

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