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“Hyssop” A Great Body Cleanser

Hyssopus officinalis. Labiatae                                                                   

Found in dry, hilly places. The leaves are long and lance-shaped, and highly aromatic. Flowers are pale blue and hooded, also aromatic, mint-like. This important herb was praised by David in the Bible:”Purge me with hyssop.” Some say that the biblical hyssop was more likely to be the caper plant. The leaves contain a peculiar yellow oil and sulfur.

Use, internal:

Hyssop is notably successful in relieving catarrh. The whole herb is a great body cleanser, also a fever and nerve herb. It is a mild vermifuge and also valued for the eyes. Regulates the blood. For all complaints of throat and lungs, including tuberculosis. To expel mucus from all parts of the body. Treatment for asthma, coughs, sore throats, high and low blood pressure, nervous disorders, incuding fits and epilepsy.

Use, external:

The leaves applied to bruises will allay pain and lessen discoloration. May be used as an application for bites and stings of insects and medusa (jelly fish), and for killing body vermin. As a remedial lotion for eye and ear ailments. As a gargle.


As a lotion, use the Standard Brew. For skin vermin, make a decoction by steeping hyssop leaves, finely cut, in pale ale. Use the same mixture for application to stings and bites.


A few leaves may be eaten raw in salad. Of a Standard Brew, two tablespoons before meals, sweetened with honey.

Hyssop Gargle:

Make a Standard Brew of equal parts of sage leaves and hyssop herb.

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