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Peppermint” Cleanses and Strengthens the Whole Body”

Mentha x piperita. Labiatae                                                                      

Found in damp meadows and verges of woodland, also widely cultivated in gardens. Leaves are downy, grayish; flowers are pale purple, in whorls, and very aromatic. The plant yields a warming oil, Indeed, few plants excel peppermint for its warming, heartening qualities. As a nerve-stimulating drink, it is far more effective than either coffee or tea, without sharing their harmful properties.

Use, internal:

This herb cleanses and strengthens the whole body. Good to take after shock, or swimming cramps, and for a feeling of faintness. Mint is a general tonic for the whole body, especially for the digestive and nervous system. For gas in stomach, stomach pains, cramps, indigestion, nausea, headache. For constipation, painful menstruation. To banish mental depression, induce sleep, cure fainting attacks.


Of a Standard Brew, a cupful taken morning and night, or after meals in digestive troubles. More frequently – as desired – for other conditions; before bedtime for sleeplessness. Take many hot cups as a headache remedy, in preference to aspirin or similar pain – relief drugs. Sweeten with honey.

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